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We believe that waste materials can be managed in such a way that produce a circular benefit for your business, your community, and your environment.

We Are


Rockwood Sustainable Solutions is dedicated to preserving valuable resources through a sustainable approach to material management.

We achieve this through loyalty to our customers, dedication to the well-being of our employees, and commitment to our environment.

Industries we serve



On average, construction debris creates more than 30% of globally generated waste. That includes concrete, drywall, asphalt shingles, and many other
items that could be repurposed for additional use!

How does recycling these materials benefit you?

Recycling construction materials can lead to significant environmental benefits like reducing air and water pollution and helping with resource conservation.

Economic advantages can lead to cost savings on disposal fees and increased revenues generated by the sale of recycled material due to lowered costs associated with manufacturing new products.



Manufacturing is such an important part of our economy – and provides us with so many things to love. But similar to the construction industry, manufacturing also produces a lot of waste.

Rockwood specializes in recycling manufacturing and industrial waste, helping to give all of those materials a home.

Not only can businesses do their part to help safeguard the environment and conserve resources – but they can also reduce the costs associated with properly disposing of materials.

By promoting sustainability through this practice, Rockwood is creating a cleaner world that future generations will be able to enjoy and benefit from. Now that’s something we can all get behind!