FAQ & Resources

What are Rockwood’s hours of operation?


Monday- Friday 7-3:30

Hours may vary in the winter and spring months. Typically, we are open longer starting in April-October and on Saturdays from 8-12 from late March-May. Please call to confirm Saturday hours.

Feel free to call 615-293-2297 to confirm hours of operation or email recycle@rockwoodrecycling.com

What areas do you offer service?


Rockwood offers direct recycling services in Tennessee, with the majority of our clients being from middle TN. We can aid in recycling resources across the country but have a focus on and network of recyclers in the Southeast.

Can Rockwood handle all of our waste or just a part?


Rockwood can handle as much of your waste as you need us to, including all of it. We let you decide. We work with most all major waste brokers or waste companies providing recycling processing and infrastructure. To simplify matters, we can be your single point of contact to manage your entire portfolio of waste materials.

Can Rockwood provide reporting?


Absolutely. Rockwood uses a very specific waste software to track materials coming in from each customer. We can generate reports to suit your reporting needs.

How do I get a quote from Rockwood?


To start the conversation about recycling with Rockwood, email Lincoln at recycle@rockwoodrecycling.com. Lincoln or one of his team members will reach out to discuss your needs.

A couple of main questions we will ask are:

  • How much materials are you generating?
  • What types of materials are you generating?
  • Are you looking to reach a certain recycling goal with your materials?

After a short call, we will likely set up a visit to your facility for a quick conversation and look at your facility and can turn a price and plan around quickly.

What type of wood can you recycle?


All of it. If it is wood, we can help.

What types of materials do you handle?


We can handle them all.

Internally we process:

  • Wood
  • Tires

With external channel partners we process:

  • Shingles
  • Carboard
  • Plastics (all types)
  • Glass
  • Electronics
  • Compost
  • Food
  • Organics

How does Rockwood handle hauling materials?


Rockwood can handle hauling materials in 3 ways:

  • Rockwood will set a semi-trailer on site for use at a loading dock.
  • Rockwood can use a roll off container to haul materials.
  • Rockwood will work with your existing hauler to divert your recycled materials away from landfill and to our facility. In this case, we would price the wood recycling direct to your current vendor and they would manage the rest.

Is the mulch treated?


Our mulch goes through a heat process that kills any bugs. That said, we use heat treated wood to make our mulch, so no bugs or termites are in the wood when ground.

Does your color last on your mulch?


Rockwood makes mulch from kiln dry wood. The wood is heat treated; no pressure treated materials are in the mulch. Because we use dry wood, our mulch color last longer than those using green wood. This is because the dry wood absorbs the dye into its fibers. Our mulch will easily last several months with a rich color.

What is biochar and do you sell it?


Yes, we sell biochar. Biochar is carbon. It is used in gardens, soil, filtration, and other aspects. Learn more at the Biochar International website.