Our History

November 2014

Ground Up Recycling was started by Lincoln Young and Matt Allen as a shingle recycling company.

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Partnered with Lojac Enterprise to expand collection operations.

Spring 2015

Started shingle collection in Cookeville, TN.

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Summer 2015

Started shingle collection in Murfreesboro, TN.

Fall 2015

Started shingle collection in Lebanon, TN.

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Grew collection and shingle grinding operations in all 3 locations.

August 2016

Formed Rockwood Recycling, a company focused on wood collection and recycling. Built the site of Rockwood Recycling, Lebanon, TN.

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October 2016

Rockwood Recycling in a partnership with Aires Clean Energy and the City of Lebanon design and built the largest downdraft gasification plant in the United States.

Early 2017

Ground Up sold shingle collection to Vulcan Materials as part of the transition of Lojac Enterprise.

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Rockwood Recycling started tire recycling in a partnership with City of Lebanon and Wilson County.


Rockwood Recycling continues to grow in wood, tires, and shingle recycling.

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Rockwood Recycling transitioned to Rockwood Sustainable Solutions (RSS) and is owned and operated by Lincoln Young.


RSS continues to grow in wood recycling, tire recycling, as well as aids companies with hard to handle materials such as plastics, glass, cardboard and other waste commodities.

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