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Mulch, Biochar, and More

Rockwood Sustainable Solutions recycles wood waste into natural and dyed mulch and biochar for gardens and fertilization. In addition to mulch and biochar, we sell several other recycled landscaping products.

Mulch Products:

Rockwood is happy to support our community by selling mulch to local landscape companies. Our mulch supply is limited annually, so please contact us if you are a landscape company or wholesaler interested in purchasing locally processed mulch in Lebanon and surrounding Wilson County areas such as Mt. Juliet, Carthage, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Hermitage. We offer several types and colors of mulch.


  • Aged Hardwoods
  • Soil Amendment
  • Bio-Retention blend
  • Garden Blend
  • Playground
  • Animal Bedding (Sawdust blend)


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Mission Brown

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Cherry Brown

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Able to dye other colors but only as requested

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Wood is used to create energy through a process called downdraft gasification. The by-product is biochar: a carbon rich material that reduces greenhouse gas and is an excellent soil amendment and additive. Rockwood Sustainable Solutions produces over 5 tons of biochar a day.

We sell biochar in bulk, super sacks, or in small bags for home garden use. Biochar is proven to aid in crop growth, soil amendment, fertilization, filtration, odor control, and many other solutions. For more information check out the US Biochar Institute.

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Additional Materials Include:

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Erosion Socks

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Garden Blend Soil

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Landscape Blend Soil

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